Critical acclaim for...

Richard Simon

"Richard Simon found his calling as a bass player, an instrument he learned late...but well. His crisp, round sound and firm rhythm make him one of the most in-demand bassists around."

-- Zan Stewart
L.A. Times

"Richard Simon is a skilled player with a big, round sound that fills a room. Why hasn't a deserving Richard Simon surfaced until now?"

-- Oregon Jazz Scene

"Simon was great as always. He puts funny quotes into his solos and plans ahead. He's a funny guy with funny things to say and plays some burnin' solos."

-- Jim Santella
L.A. Jazz Scene

"Richard, you're fabulous! As a humorist and as a bass violinist. You have the entire Music Division laughing."

-- Pat Willard
Library of Congress,
Washington, D.C.

Groove Therapy

"Richard Simon's accompaniment and solos are an asset to every session he's on. 'Groove Therapy' is a valuable CD that spotlights the leader, plus several L.A. fixtures. Well worth picking up!"

-- Scott Yanow
L.A. Jazz Scene

"'Groove Therapy' displays Simon's fat tone and technical command. It's an album you keep coming back to for listening after listening."

-- Larry Smith
Pitch Weekly, Kansas City

"Simon produced a CD much more interesting and rewarding than most of what's found on major labels."

-- Andrew Gilbert
L.A. Village View

"Thanks for your excellent CD 'Groove Therapy.' It works for me!"

-- Lenny Mazel
KCME Disc Jockey

Pacific Standard Time

"This is a recording that truly satisfies the soul. A real winner."

-- John Gilbert

"Sam Most is deceptively boyish an nimble... [Al] Viola is smooth and melodious with a crystalline sound and remarkable technique...A wonderful concert performance..."

-- Jack Bowers

"Simon keeps up his his end by demonstrating a remarkable skill for melody, and at the same time providing the bounce that is so important to a successful jazz recording."

-- Lawrence Brazier

Covering the Basses

"Here's a concept album with a fun concept: a melodic bass player playing the compositions of other bassists. Richard Simon has surrounded himself with the top West Coast talent (Budy Collette, Al Viola, Art Hillery). He stirs the pot, and the others get cookin'."

-- John Barrett, Jr.

"One of the year's Ten Best."

-- Larry Nai
Cadence magazine

Covering the Basses

Performances with Selected Artists:
  • Lorez Alexandria
  • Ernie Andrews
  • Gabe Baltazar
  • Dan Barrett
  • Bill Berry
  • Eddie Bert
  • Carmen Bradford
  • Ronnell Bright
  • Oscar Brown, Jr.
  • Carl Burnett
  • Frank Capp
  • Page Cavanaugh
  • Jeff Clayton
  • Rosemary Clooney
  • Jean/Jim Cheatham
  • George Coleman
  • Buddy Collette
  • John Collins
  • Bill Cunliffe
  • Dwight Dickerson
  • Teddy Edwards
  • Sherman Ferguson
  • Bobby Gordon
  • Tiny Grimes
  • Chico Hamilton
  • Bill Henderson
  • Billy Higgins
  • Art Hillery
  • Bill Holman
  • Red Holloway
  • Linda Hopkins
  • Paul Humphrey
  • Plas Johnson
  • Fred Katz
  • Paula Kelly
  • Morgana King
  • Johnny Kirkwood
  • Dave Mackay
  • Gildo Mahones
  • Larance Marable
  • Tiger Okoshi
  • Rebecca Parris
  • Ken Peplowski
  • Jerome Richardson
  • Spike Robinson
  • Annie Ross
  • Lalo Schifrin
  • Jack Sheldon
  • Howlett Smith
  • Al Viola
  • Maxine Weldon
  • Gerald Wiggins
  • Claude "Fiddler" Williams
  • Rickey Woodard
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