Richard Simon

Richard Simon

is one of the busiest bass players in Los Angeles, reputed for his consistent, solid musicianship, rich sound, and creative solos.

The ever-growing list of musicians and singers he's performed with at festivals, concerts, nightclubs, and recording sessions is a veritable Who's Who of the mainstream and traditional jazz worlds.

In 1995, he founded the UFO-BASS recording label, designed to document the sounds of often-overlooked musicians on the West Coast.
UFO-BASS #1, “Groove Therapy,” rose quickly to become one of the top five albums on L.A.’s jazz radio station, KLON. A year later, he produced “Jazz for Thousand Oaks,” a live concert recording led by Buddy Collette. In 1998 he put out “Covering the Basses,” and this summer, “Pacific Standard Time,” featuring Al Viola and Sam Most.

Never at a loss for words, Richard demonstrates his wit and verbal agility as a highly entertaining emcee and writer. He has hosted numerous jazz events in Hawaii, Las Vegas, and California, authored liner notes, and written articles for L.A. Jazz Scene, Windplayer and Bird magazine.

Richard is deeply committed to jazz education. As Vice President of JazzAmerica, he has conduced Master Classses for high school musicians every summer, and introductory jazz workshops for middle school students after school.

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Richard Simon
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